[August] Obanzai Course Recipes


Peach Soup with Dashi Gelee
Very refreshing soup for this humid summer in Japan. Matches well with white wines as well.



Deep-fried Wonton with Tomato Dressing
We use tomatoes grew outside of greenhouse, under summer's sunshine, which are available only in this season. With an accent of crunchiness of wonton and a bit of sourness of tomatoes, this is appetising in this hot weather.



Steamed Chicken Breast with Green Vinegar
Chicken heals skin burnt under summer's sun. It is low in calories yet rich in protein. We gave it freshness with summer's vegetables okras and cucumbers.


Marinate of Hamo (conger pike) and Summery Veggies.
August is season of Hamo. We clocked it in a vivid and substantial way. This dish gors very well with cold beer or white wine.

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